Annual Appeal

Thank you to the 577 donors who raised $211,280 during the 2017 Annual Appeal campaign. You demonstrate why Lovejoy is a great place to live and raise our children.

Ways to Give:

  1. Give via our website Donate Now page.
  2. Send a check along with this Donation Form.


Kevin and Maria Ritchie
The Schlimme Family

Communities Foundation of Texas
Schwab Charitable Fund

Texas Instruments Foundation
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

David and Shelly Harlan

Lara and Jamie Kent

David and Cheryl Sinacola

Cleve and Angela Adamson
Neal and Rebecca Anderson
Corey and Trina Bailey
John and Laura Barr
Rusty and Kari Branch
Rachel and John Brownlee
Christina Broyles
Mr. and Mrs. Tiffany and James Brunson
Byron Burgess
Brandy and Kendall Carll

Catherine and Tim Clay
The Hand Family
Gina Ferrall and David Finn
John and Karlene Fraser
Melissa and Keith Gassman
Tim and Leslie Jackson
Gina and Jeff LeGare
The Van Rijn Family

Kimberly and Jason Morgan
Barbara Paxton
PepsiCo Foundation
Berlin and Judy Perkins
Jeff and Amber Rice
Randy and Tracy Sutherlin
Jeffery and Amy White
Dinah and Geoffrey Wiss
The Zych’s

Ashley Aleman and David Yerkes
AXA Foundation
Tracy Barker and Eden Antosh
Charles Bibles
Jennifer Blumer
Brinker International
CM Johnson Foundation via
Jami Brookhart
Eli and Dara Burriss
Cigna Foundation
Holly and Jonathan Cocks
Kim and Chris Collier
Randall and Tonya Cooper
Denbury Matching Gifts Program
Karla and Doug Dingwerth
Cyd and Brad Elliott
Susan and Todd Elliot
Colby and Lori Empey
Kimberly and Will Ezell
Henri and Allison Friloux
Julio E. Garcia, CPA, PLLC
Anna Maria Gerhardt and Joseph Fagner
Beth and Mark Hansen
Shannon and Mike Hays
The Herran Family
Lisa and Mike Hopkinson
Stacy and Jason Jaynes

Donna Johnson
Farah and Joseph Kelsey
Julie and Ken King
Yong and Jeannie Kwon
Lennox International
Kathleen and Jack Lo Sapio
Stephanie and Sean McCaffity
Eleanor and Scott Michal
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Jeff and Sherrie Novotny
Sean O’Brien
London and Lisa O’Dowd
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Oleson
Alok Oswal
Barrett and Paige Owens
Andrea and Joseph Paranteau
Mike and Aimee Peay
Kirk and Chandra Perry
Mark and Jodi Piccirillo
BWS Blinds
Mike and Michelle Prengler
Jeffrey S Price
Christian and Ron Pruitt
Gerard and Sarah Quinlan
James and Pamela Reaves

Terri and Jeff Reinhard
John and Jennifer Rose
Gil Salazar
Juliet and Chet Saluja
Samsung Electronics of North America
Nobility Homes
Glenn and Ashley Shooner
Deanne Sims
Anne and Ryan Smith
Sue and David Smith
David and Joan Smith
State Farm Companies Foundation
Ryan and Lindsay Thomas
Jennifer Thompson
Kasey and Jason Tucker
Volunteer McKinney
Jenny and Ryan Weidner
Brad and Diane Welhouse
Rick and Robbin Wells
Elena and Paul Westbrook
Dr. Joshua Willard and Family
Stephanie Williams
Geoff and Dinah Wiss
John and Nikki Winniford
Maren and John Woody
Xiaofeng Xu

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Abernathy
Johnny and Jordan Adams
David and Lori Anderson
Jeff and Jodi Balette
Amy and John Barney
Mr and Mrs John C Barney
Julie and Paul Becker
Ellen Belk
Greg and Amanda Blankenship
The Boeing Company
Laura and Greg Boland
Wendy and Greg Boots
The Brodelius Family
Angie and Niel Brown
Edgar and Sophia Chang
Mrs. Yaqi Chen
Kelly and Chad Collins
The Cooper Family
Anna Dardano
Rebecca and Lincoln Day
Gretchen and Nathan Day
Cristina Jaggers
Joellen and Troy Dechant
April and Steve Doyle
The Dunaways
Jennifer and Brian Dunlap
Wesley and Maryellen Durow
The Edwards
Greg and Jill Endo
Brian and Fran Falco
Erika Fallas

Andrea George
Matthew and Tiffany Giordano
Tom and Rhonda Grisak
Ryan and Kari Harris
Kristin and David Holt
Ryan and Betty Jacob
Kimberly and Jared Johnson
Beth and Eric Johnson
JRE McMillan, LLC
Denise Kennedy
The Kilpatrick Family
Dustin and Helen James
Larry and Daniela Konecny
The Koons Family
Jennifer LaFontaine
Aaron and Nicole Lanman
Russell LeClaire
Dewey and Gina Leggett
Kelli and Al Litchenburg
Charles and Lousinda Long
The Mair Family
The Marrs family
Kathryn and Jeff Maxwell
Randy and Linda McDaniel
Stephanie McGowan
Sandy L. McKinney
Russ and Melissa Monroe
Martha and Dean Moody
Ron and Jane Morrill
Pranay and Lauren Patel

Monica Paul
Aaron Perkins
The Perrin Family
Jami and Robert Pulley
Fulton and Stephanie Reaugh
Shelly and Billy Rice
Becky Ridgeway and Peter Jacoves
Lisa and Russ Rockenbach
The Rosewood Foundation
Stacy and Jason Russell
Janet and Ron Samuels
Page and John Schreck
Andre Schuster
Austin and Wendy Sears
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Simpkins
Steve and Gretchen Sims
Leslie and Chad Smith
Abe and Amy Smith
Scott and Karen Smith
Brent Stevenson and
Tracey Yan-Stevenson
Greg and Tracy Tillett
Paul and Jennifer Tiner
Michael Toomey
Chad and Jennifer Waldrop
Tina Walenciak
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gifts
Mark and Gayla Wheelis
Doug and Kelly Whitt
The Wood Family
Willie Wu
James and Brenda Zimmerman

The Adams Family
Celena and Jeff Adcock
Angela and William Adcox
Rachael and Mike Alexander
Rebecca and Neal Anderson
Tom and Pam Arceneau
Jennifer and Brent Archer
Dan and Lindsey Archer
The Armijo Family
Jennifer Ashby
Scott and Marlo Ballard
Meredith and Christopher Barnett
Mark and Karen Beaty
Alex and Ofelia Beaumariage
Bryan and Leigh Bellows
Daniel Bennett
Dewesa Bensmiller
Todd and MaryLee Bergwall
Charles Beveridge
Lori and Chris Bierman
Bree Blakely
The Boardman Family
Ruel Bognot
Tony Bohnenkamper
The Bolen Family
Dr. and Mrs. Loig Bourree
Ty Bowman
Daryl Braithwaite
Angela Branan
Emily and Jared Bratz
Adam and Kate Bronson
Hugh and Sarah Brown
Brodie and Teri Bruner
Raymond and Shelley Cano
Ann and Shawn Carman
Terri and Darrin Chaisson
Carol Chang and Edward Mao
Ryan and Misty Cole
Greg and Tara Coronado
Tara Coulson
Elana Crawford
Dana Crigger
Tracy and Jeff Cummins
Samir and Priya Dandekar
Todd and Riki Davidson
Danny and Heather de Hoyos
Jacki and Steve DeBauge
Vicki and Jim Deerman
Roxana and Michael Denham
Patricia and Bryan Dillon
David and Stacey Dillon
Mindy and Darren Dobbs
The Dorlons
Stephen and Tine Drye
Erin Dunn
Kim and Kyle Dziubinski
Joanne Easley
Katherine Ebrahimi
Josh and Brooke Edge
Thomas and Hollye Edwards
Mike and Faith Engler
David Falk
Hong Fan and Junlin Li
The Fillmore Family
Janice Fluker
Elizabeth Gable
Galyn and Amanda Gafford
Patrick and Allison Gannon
Karla and Eric Gant
Cody and Katherine Gary
James and Sara Genrich
Ryan George
Casey Gerwer
Justin Goertz

Robert J. Gonzalez CPA PC
Matt and Becky Gournay
Abby Gray
Greenwald Family
Greenwald Family
Eugene Gridnev
Terry and Donna Gurss
Milton and Kathy G. and Donella DiPasquale
Heath and Melissa Hammett
Brian and Emily Hanchey
The Hanna Family
Mike and Paige Hannah
Torri Hansen
Sara Hardwick
The Hare Family
David and Lisa Harp
Deborah and David Harper
Toby Harris
Cynthia Harvey
Bill and Amy Hasslen
James and Nicole Hathaway
Jeff and Kelly Hayward
Tom and Nicole Helfand
Alan and Jackie Helsley
Brad and Rebecca Hempkins
JD and Stephanie Hertweck
Dick and Janice Hildenbrand
Kathy and Andrew Hill
Hillary and Joel Patterson
Jillian Hiris and Aashik Khakoo
Johnny and Jennifer Holstead
Stacey and Jeff Huettner
David and Robin Hughey
Lindsay Hutson
Jimmy and Julie James
Jennifer and David Johnson
Allen and Tedra Johnson
The Johnston Family
Ray and Toni Jones
Shea and Kevin Joyner
Richard Kamar
Todd and Amanda Konersmann
Stephani Kranz
Dion and Edie Krause
Stephanie Kreuser
Chad and Aimee Krisher
Beth and Stark Langs
Michelle and Demian Larson
Jill and Steve LaTorre
Jess Lawrence and Meredith Tays
Deanne Clark
Roger and Christi Ledebur
Chris and Shelly Lee
Travis and Carmen Levin
Julie and Mike Mabry
Jana and Thomas Manders
Tim Martin
Derek May
Jason and MeLinda McCall
Patricia McCoy
Brian and Lori McCutcheon
The McKee Family
Mark and Tricia Meehlhause
Jesus and Gloria Mendez
Yin Mendive-Garcia
Keri and Chris Migura
Lisa Miller
The Milliken Family
Alysa and Darren Mise
Mary Moayed
Ron and Mechelle Moore
Doug and Ann Motl
The Muns
Rick and Kristin Murray
The Natarajan Family
Paul Nguyen

Stacy and Robert Nichols
Joe Nobile
Godfrey and Angie Onyebueze
Grace Pan
Sanghoon Park
Nick Patton
Phyllis Peterson
Jennifer and Jason Pettit
Pfizer Foundation
Rachel Phillips Luther
Gene and Alicia Pool
Melisa Potts
Samantha and Matt Poulton
Pushban Rajayan
David and Heather Reck
John and Michelle Reed
Brent and Tiffany Reiner
Jeff and Wenell Rexford
Tim and Mauri Roach
Alice and Sean Robison
Russell and Kim Rollins
Lynda Roundtree
Howard and Gail Rouse
Mr and Mrs Ralph W Rucker III
Michael and Dina Schaeffer
Peggy and Perry Schmidt
Erika Schnurr
Robert Schreiber
Julie and Tom Schubart
Sean and Tami Sendelbach
Julie Shaddock
Erin and Chris Shepherd
James and Heather Shin
Deann Shriner
Cristi and Travis Shull
Sue and Dave Smith
Scott and Karen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John and Jennifer Sommers
Cristen Sperling
Scott and Julie Strickland
Robyn and Adam Sussman
Dipan and Vrajlal Sutaria
Anthony and Erica Szymanski
Melanie Tawater
Denise and Rex Taylor
Michael and Kelly Terwege
Carl and Kellee Terwilliger
Scott and Mika Thomas
Scott and Rhonda Tiedt
Yasmine Topchik
Lisa and Joe Trcka
Ellen Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Utley
Carol Vik
Joey Waldrip
John and Donna Walsh
Nathan and Chantell Walters
Alicia and Ryan Watson
Linda and Richard Weitz
Aaron and Amy White
Mr and Mrs D. Wilde
The Williams Family
Richard and Kelley Williams
Ritchie Wolfe
Beth Worthy
Dan and Laura Woulfe
Stacey and Lisa Wyrick
Nicki and Traci York
Mayra and John Yundt-Pacheco
Dan and Diane Zadorozny
The Zadorozny Family
Jinsong and Xintian Zhang
Yan Zhu
Mandy Zuerker
Mike and Teri Zuffinetti

Maria and Bill Arnold
Jason and Colleen Askew
Doug Bankes
Steve and Kris Beagle
D’Ann Bickford
Carol Bielamowicz (Harper)
David and Cindy Booker
Melanie Borges
Damaw and Papaw
Jeffrey Bouldin
Chris and Alyssa Boyd
Manon and Brian Bradshaw
Craig and Alessandra Brantl
The Bright Family
Debbie Burkhalter
Alesia and Jason Burnett
Dan and Brooke Burnette
Sarah Carothers
Evan and Tera Chavez
Kristin and John Clancy
The Clark Family
Gorden and Amy Cook
Christi and Jeffrey Dale
Harlin and Elizabeth Dean
Jill and David Diaz
Jeff and Ann Marie Dinard
Julia Dolberry

Wesley and Brooke Drescher
Tonya and William Egger
Bill Esposito
Misti and Craig Friesland
Victor Garcia
Germblast Infection Controls
Nicole and Todd Gheisar
Jamie and Michelle Gibson
Peggy Ginsberg
Heather Hager
Scott Halbert
Lauri and Mark Hansen
David and Carol Harber
Bradley and Kasey Havens
The Holden Family
Jason and Alisha Illian
Intel Easy Match
Donna and Donnie Johnson
Jean Jubin
Ronen and Inbal Kahana
Candace Kasian-Cardwell
Phillip and Barrett Klein
The Leehy Family
Kelly Leslie
Tammie Lindeberg
Danny and Susan Locklear
Craig and Carrie McClure

Laura McCraw
The Miller Family
Bryan and Michelle Moore
Douglas and Christy Mosel
The Nuckels Family
Paul and Lori DiLiegro
Emily and Prentice Peabody
Cuong Phan
The Powers Family
Michael and Carolyn Rasmussen
Alison and Michael Richardson
Steve and Nannette Riley
Greg and Jennifer Roth
Mike and Cindy Russell
Mike and Melinda Schlottman
Clarence and Eva Seay
Kyla and Byron Slaughter
Ashley and Kevin Steed
Cheryl Sy
Christopher and Maria Tadvick
Scott and Angie Tassan
The Taylor Family
The Verschage Family
Robin and Lisa Vogel
Andrea Warner-Czyz
John Wicker
Joe and Tonya Williams

Mahala and James Ahearn
Libby Bardwell
Alycia Bellah
Salena Brody and Travis Green
Ann and Justin Chapman
Dan and Farrah Colston
Robin and Brian Dale
Teri and Randall Duncan
Gina and Tim Ellis
Chris Foster
Mike and Carol Foster

Sabrina and Edward Fuentes
LaRita Gwie
Nina and Robert Kamali
Jenny Lee and Hunter Park
Stephanie and Clint Linke
Aaron Lynch
Chris and Christy Mayfield
Amy Miles
Elizabeth Miller
Robert and Kellie Monroe
Connie Ngo
Colby and Chrishna Nish

Karen O’Leary
Kari Powell
Brandon and Stephanie Sailer
Amy Sewell
Patsy Snider
Dr. Christy Stammen
Megan Stovall
John and Mary Taddiken
Pam and Michael Toups
Monica Wehking
Peggy Whitmore
Stephanie and Bryan Williams