Project Title Explanation Awarded
Learning at Lovejoy Support professional development for all LISD teachers $30,000
AP Banquet To honor Lovejoy AP scholars $10,000
LISD Core Technology-Computer, Laptop Replacement, etc. K-12 Technology Replacement $185,550
Designated Gifts Support for Special Education and other programs $17,785
Shared Library at each campus 1st Grade ELAR $12,600
STEM Kits at each campus Provide 3rd and 4th grade students variety of topics in STEM classes $17,841
Hokki 15″ Stools Hart 2nd grade 5 ergonomic stools per class $2,425
STEM Science Stations and Non-Fiction Books HES K Provides hands-on conceptual understanding of Science standards $914
RAZ-Plus Licenses for HES 2nd Grade Licenses for each class – access to blended platform for reading practice $1,000
4.2 MacBook Air Cart: 30 laptops HES 3rd Grade Provide seamless instruction for 3rd grade students in all subjects $33,291
Class set of 30 self-portrait mirrors LES Fine Arts To give students an opportunity to draw from observation $264
Variety of supplies students with special needs LES Fine Arts Proper art materials for students $361
21 iPad 2 Airs (cases) for LES 1st Grade Provide an emphasis on technology $13,957
Reading A-Z and RAZ-Plus Licenses  PES 2nd Grade Subscriptions for students to access blended platform for reading practice. $880
5 iPad Air 2, cases, Robots, Apps PES K-4 Library To equip Makerspace to enhance student experience in STEM $4,310
24 iPad Air2, cases, JAMF software PES 2nd Grade To enhance the learning in the classroom incorporating technology $14,068
Califone Headphone Lab Pack SCIS 6th ELAR For use in the ESL classroom $246
60 Chromebooks  2-LocknCharge cart SCIS 6th Math Technology can increase students understanding of math concepts $22,368
25 Makey MaKey Kits, 15 Booster Kits WSMS 7-8 STEM To introduce STEM and expand invention capabilities for students $1,273
60-Chromebooks, 2-LocknCharge Cart WSMS 7th Math To help provide seamless instruction for 7th Grade Math with Google Classroom $23,064
30-Acer Chromebooks Cases & Cart WSMS 8th Science To provide technology for the science classroom $13,000
60-Chromebooks, 2-LocknCharge Cart WSMS To help provide seamless instruction for 8th Grade Math with Google Classroom $23,064
30 Chromebooks (cart) WSMS 7/8 SS To allow online access to textbooks and resources in the classroom $9,304
Basic Biology & Geometry Kit LHS 9,11,12 Science Used to give students access to grade level curriculum at their instruction level $1,200
Classroom Library 10th Grade ELAR Increase classroom library for students $750
Classroom Library 9th Grade ELAR Increase classroom library for students $650
32-LCD Touch/Flip Chromebooks, Cart LHS 12 Math To provide technology for learning difficult concepts in Math $10,906
Flexible Collaborative Space: furniture, tables, chairs & carts for Makerspace – LHS Library Flexible space for students $6,056
32-ACER Chromebooks, Cases & Cart LHS 9-12 ELAR To provide technology in the classroom to enrich the student experience $11,962
12 HP ProBooks & Charging Cart LHS SPED 9-12 For specialized instruction for students $8,137
2 AB1 Makeup Air Brush Systems 7-12 Fine Arts For creating unique looks for makeup for productions $2,050
Belkin Store and Charge Station SCIS 6th Grade ELAR Charging station for student computers $572
Total (includes designated donations) $479,848
Project Title Explanation Awarded
Learning at Lovejoy Support professional development for all LISD teachers $30,000
AP Banquet To honor Lovejoy AP scholars $15,000
High Touch High Tech Science enrichment for all K – 4 students $9,100
6 STEM Carts for all elementary Support for K – 4 STEM education $3,549
Lock-n-Charge charging cart for Hart Cart to make Macbooks, iPads,etc. mobile $1,444
50 MacBook Airs for Hart 4th grade Technology for daily classroom use $56,000
4 Day/Night Web Cameras for Hart 1st grade Life cycles study – view eggs hatching via the web $443
1 year subscription to “Reading A to Z” HES Appropriate books for 29 reading levels $440
20 iPad Air2 (cases) for all GT Provide seamless instruction between all GT students $12,207
Literacy library books for Lovejoy E. Provide essential books for teaching reading at all levels $25,000
20 iPad 2 Airs (cases) for Puster 3rd grade To prepare students with a variety of technology skills $14,506
Leveled reading books for Puster 1st grade Enhance self-selected reading in all 1st grade classrooms $4,002
150 Chromebook Flips (5 carts) for SCIS Allow for integration of the Daily changes in the field of science $52,950
Balance Ball Chairs for SCIS To provide students with sensory or attention needs with the input of using their core while working $2,400
60 Chromebooks and 2 carts for WSMS science To provide and emphasis on technology in the science classroom $22,088
2 Swivl “bundles” for WSMS To allow students to record and playback individual or group performances for critique. $1,114
30 laptops (cart) for WSMS STEM For use in the Robotics classroom $25,500
10 Chromebooks (cart) for WSMS Library To help meet the technology needs of all students $4,228
3 Ipads for WSMS Fine Arts For Orchestra classroom use for critique and evaluation $2,214
Harmony Director piano keyboard (stand, amplifier and cable) for WSMS Fine Arts For Orchestra classroom use to ear training $2,000
30 laptops (cart) for WSMS English/Language Arts To create, develop and promote an interest in reading and writing $25,354
30 Chromebooks (Cart) for LHS AP Capstone For use in research and college readiness skills $11,488
60 Chromebooks and 2 carts for LHS English/Language Arts A means to create a leaning environment for collaboration, creativity, and communication. $24,176
12 Chromebooks (cases & cart) for LHS Special Ed/Resource Math, Algebra 1 Used to combine real world math lessons with research for enhanced learning $4,660
Harmony Director & Cart for LHS Fine Arts Used for band rehearsals for training in harmony, rhythm and timing. $1,600
6 wireless microphones and receivers for LHS Fine Arts For use by choirs in their many performances. $3,200
6 Wacom Pen Displays (software) for LHS Fine Arts Allow drawing students to transition from traditional drawing practices to the digital realm. $16,000
Fluorescent Tent Kit for LHS Fine Arts For photographing images of 2D and 3D artwork for portfolios $560
Kiln Kit and Pyrometer for LHS Fine Arts For Raku firing and safe temperature control $887
3 Ipads for LHS Fine Arts For Orchestra classroom use for critique and evaluation $2,214
64 Chrome Books (2 carts) for LHS Social Studies To allow online access to textbooks and resources in the classroom $25,792
Trutouch Interactive Display (stand) for LHS Technology The next generation of smartboards for a variety of technology uses $4,648
Total $435,000
Project Title Explanation Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy Support professional development for all LISD teachers $30,000
High Touch High Tech Science Enrichment for all K – 4 students $8,750
20 Kindle Fire – Kids Edition Hart Language Arts to use as e-readers for 1st grade $4,000
Texas Bluebonnet Award Books A classroom library of the Texas Bluebonnet Award 2015 – 2016 Master lister books or Hart Elementary Language Arts $732
Reading A-Z for Hart Language Arts Individual teacher licenses to Reading A-Z $400
MacBook Airs with shell cases Updates to the mobile technology lab, Hart U $26.057
Cart with 25 MacBook Air laptops Lovejoy E. instruction and technology for K, 2nd, & 3rd grades $26,027
2 HP ProBook 430 G@ 13.3″ Laptops for LES special education studens will allow them to work with their peers in a more meaningful way $1,523
Wireless microphones & receivers For choral performances at school and community events $1,400
30 iPad minis with cart For LHS Language Art to use Google Drive, research, share docs, and streamline teaching and feedback $11,872
30 iPads with charging station LHS Algebra 2 students to access notes keys and videos during class or tutorials $18,739
50 Color Graphing Calcultors LHS Algebra 1 students to visualize concepts clearly and make faster, stronger mathematical connections $6,320
Cameras with WiFi memory cards For use in LHS photo journalism classes $12,000
10 iPad Air 2 and iTunes cards LHS Special Education science and math $5,628
10 MacBook Airs with Cart Language Arts instruction in the Resource Classroom and for students with learning differences at LHS $10,615
10 Freestanding Shelving Units LHS Fine Arts – to display sculptures $2,900
Kidooze Pogo Jumpers For Puster Elementary recess $1,500
2 carts of 30 Macbooks Puster Elementary shared use of Macboks to integrate technology into all subject areas $73,560
Upright Grand Pianos For all 3 elementary schools and Sloan Creek Intermediate $23,325
Slab Roller/Slab Cutter Set SCIS Fine Arts for working with clay $500
30 MacBook Air 13in. Laptops SCIS STEM instruction $36,210
GaGa Pit SCIS recess $5,000
Loop & Thread Knit Quick Knitting Loom Sets SCIS to knit hats for the Crochet for Cancer service project $1,623
Toshiba Chromebooks & Accessories SCIS 6th grade GT Language Arts $12,000
Video camera and lighting equipment WSMS journalism education $6,000
Wireless keyboards & origami workstations WSMS technology for use with iPads in the library $2,789
Cricut Machine and bundle WSMS Fine Arts to create art/promo items $500
Slab Roller/Clay Extruder WSMS Fine Arts for working with clay $1,100
30 computers with cart WSMS 7th grade Science – online textbook, virtual labs, etc. $12,000
Chrome books with carts WSMS 7th grade History for digital learning environment $24,380
150 electronic dictionaries WSMS 7th grade Language Arts $6,481
Star Analyser WSMS 8th grade astronomy study $707
Total $374638
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy Support professional development for all LISD teachers $30,000
30 iPads for Hart Elem 3rd grade Daily use for students and teachers in all subject areas $19,074
22 MacBook laptops Lovejoy Elem Provide portable MacBook lab available to all students $25,071
35 iPAD Air and cases for Lovejoy Elem Kinder, 2nd & 3rd Grades Small group instruction, intervention, center time, drills, practice skills, assessment, presentations, etc. $21,247
Titles for Literacy Library Puster Elem Provide more genres and book titles for reading instruction at all levels $20,000
23 Display Panels for Fine Arts for all Elementary Schools To allow more art work to be displayed at elementary schools and the Fine Arts Festival $3,052
20 Mac computers and 10 iPads for SCIS Technology Provide enough equipment so that all students have the opportunity to become technologically proficient on the iPads and Macs $27,070
100 Electronic Dictionaries for Willow Springs English/Language Arts Primarily for 8th grade English.  Provides each class with a set for daily use and on state reading assessment exams $3,991
Class set of Graphing Calculators Willow Springs Math Train students to use the calculators that are approved  for use on  SAT, AP, etc. exams.  Deepen student understanding of math concepts $19,792
CPR equipment for Willow Springs Health Education CPR and AED training for students, staff, parents, and volunteers.  Required for 7th and 8th grade health education. $2,379
Studio Art Supplies for LHS Fine Arts Enhance art instruction for beginning and upper level studio art classes $822
30 IPad minis with Retina Display/cart/covers – LHS LOTE For use as a Language lab and for  research, writing, recording  and access to web based textbooks $16,203
High Fire Electric Kiln for LHS Fine Arts For use in ceramics, sculpture, and AP Studio 3-D art classes $3,590
50 MacBook Pro Laptops/carts LHS Speech & Debate For classroom research and preparation and tournament use $60,980
Keyboard & Accessories- LHS Orchestra For use in harmony training, rhythm training and ensemble timing and balance for orchestra students $2,200
Video Cameras for LHS Journalism Upgrade program with industry standard equipment $10,000
Painting and Drawing materials – LHS Fine Arts High quality art supplies, air cleaners & brush cleaners to enhance safety and provide a high level of art instruction $4,200
STEM funding for SCIS $4,337
Vex Robotic Kits for WSMS $4,337
Total $278,345
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy Support professional development for all LISD teachers $30,000
Metallic rain curtain for LHS Fine Arts Dance, Theatre, Choir and other departments will have access to this urtain to visually enhance their programs. $1,000
30 iPad2 devices and cart for LHS Math Primarily to support the additional tutoring and practice required to address low performance and engage those top end students that master topics ahead of their peers $20,509
30 iPads and apps for 9th grade Science Provide students ability to work at their own pace with differentiated instructions and access to online discussion to enhance the lab experience for each student. $22,200
Class set of iPads with cart for Willow Springs Middle School Social Studies Provide 7th grade Texas History students the instructional tools to have a 1:1 digital classroom environment $15,075
12 HP Laptops & cart for Willow Springs Middle School ELA Provide teachers and students unique opportunities for digital media integration to encourage a higher level of success in reading and writing $25,275
5 iPads with cover for Willow Springs Middle School Fine Arts Multiple uses for Theatre Tech and acting classes $4,000
10 Smartpens with accessories for Willow Springs Middle School Math To create math lessons with audio to use for a Flipped Classroom setting. $2,342
2 MacBook Learning Labs (36 units) for Sloan Creek Intermediate School For use of the 5th grade students to enhance, enrich, and engage relevant material in a 21st Century driven classroom. $52,000
Science enrichment for all Elementary Schools
grades 1 – 3
High Touch High Tech program $10,000
52 MacBook Airs & carts for Lovejoy and Hart Elementary Schools Provide 4th grade students access to tools that foster collaboration, creation, and communication in an equitable way $65,000
Class set of MacBooks & cart for Puster Elementary Spanish Provide a language lab with endless possibilities and opportunities $27,599
Total $275,000
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy FLS provides $30,000 to support professional development for all 300 teachers in LISD $30,000
Technology grant District wide technology enhancements $54,000
High Touch, High Tech Science enhancement for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. $18,000
Art To Go Art enhancement for elementary students. $10,000
Three Superscopes Virtuoso Digital Recording Systems – one for each elementary campus $4,497
20 iPads for each elementary campus Technology education enhancement $36,000
Digital Media Program items Cameras, etc. to equip the Digital media program at Sloan Creek Middle School $9,000
8 Vernier LabQuests LHS Science used for hands-on activities and investigations $2,471
Vex Robotic Kits LHS Engineering program $15,600
Two MacBooks & one PC LHS Band department for use with Finale and SmartMusic software $3,359
Five SLR Cameras Combination still & video cameras for LHS Technology classes $3,879
Dissection equipment & specimens High School Science $2,619
One Act Play Portable Sound System For LHS one act play and other theatre productions $3,000
LED-1 Lighting System For LHS one act play to enhance performance quality $1,425
Hoyer lift Hydraulic Lift with Sling for LHS Health Science $1,300
Large Scanner LHS Fine Art education $1,200
Convey Clickers LHS Math – used for clicker quizzes $3,650
Total $200,000
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy Impacts K-12th Grades – Underwriting summer professional development academy for all LISD teachers.
ProPanels Impacts 6th – 8th Grades – 10 Art display boards which provide the opportunity to display the incredible work that our students create.
Technology Impacts K – 12th Grades
PSAT National Merit Prep Program Impacts selected 11th Graders – A program for identified 11th grade students to reach their potential on the October PSAT test.
Pottery Wheels for all Elementary Impacts K – 5th – Expands the elementary art program and supports projects such as the Empty Bowl community service project.
High Touch, High Tech Impacts 1st – 3rd Grades – HTHT instructors visit each classroom to deliver lessons to enhance science instruction.
Art To Go Impacts K – 5th Grades – For portfolio development. Campus volunteers provide art enhancement for 45 minutes/month in all classrooms between Oct and April.
Classroom Competition VEX Kits Impacts 6th – 8th Grades – Robotic kits for SCMS Career Tech.
Total $183,714
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy Impacts K-12th Grades – Underwriting summer professional development academy for all LISD teachers.
ProPanels Impacts 9th – 12th Grades – 10 Art display boards which provide the opportunity to display the incredible work that our students create.
25 Flip Video Cameras Impacts 9th – 12th Grades – Teachers use them to record experiments and demonstrations which can then be downloaded to a web page or email. Students use the videos to enhance their presentations, record themselves for debates and speeches, etc.
Dukane Digital Interactive Device Airslate Impacts 9th – 12th Grades – The Airslates allow the Starboards to be accessed by the teacher or students from anywhere in the classroom. This provides teachers with more flexibility in using the Starboards and allows for students to contribute on the Starboard from their desks.
3D Printer Impacts 9th – 12th Grades Engineering – Enhances the LHS Engineering program by giving students the capability to take a 3D model developed on industry standard software and create a prototype out of ABS plastic that can be analyzed for form, fit and function. Students are able to touch and feel what they have created in the engineering program.
Cameras Impacts 9th – 12th Grades Journalism – Provides students in the Photo Journalism Intro course with access to high quality cameras. The student publication staff benefits from higher speed cameras. Finally, a specialty lens, telephoto for sporting events, etc. enhances the program.
4 Apple MacBook Laptops Impacts 6th – 8th Grades – Using two software programs on the Macbook, Finale and Smartmusic, Macbooks provide a way for students and teachers to assess performance and progress.
15 Dell Laptop Computers and COW Impacts 6th – 7th Grade – The laptops are used to enhance the learning in both 6th grade and 7th grade Science. There are hundreds of sites of Web 2.0 applications to engage students with virtual labs, animations, web quests, games, and other sites to enrich learning.
Voyager Math Curriculum Impacts 6th – 8th Grades Special Education – Vmath curriculum is aligned with the TEKS and is used to help our special education students close their gaps and reach their potential in the area of math.
The Mac Cart Impacts K – 5th Grades LOTE – Gives our students ample opportunities to experience and practice the targeted language in meaningful ways. With the wireless MacBooks and iPads our students collaboratively share their learning or thoughts in the form of iMovie, iPhoto, PodCast, iPad Language Apps., iBooks, iWorks, Audio Clips, Skype, Twitter…… all in our targeted language with each other, other Elementary, Middle School and High School Students in our district, in our city and the world!
Lovejoy Environment & Discovery Center Impacts K – 5th Grades – Offers students hands on experiences to learn about nature and the environment using the TEKS outlined by the State of Texas. Being outdoors allows students to combine traditional learning in nature’s setting, creating a curriculum that cannot be captured in a textbook or within the walls of a classroom.
Transverse Magna Climbing Wall System Impacts K – 5th Grades – The Climbing wall contributes to aerobic and anaerobic activity, increased cardiovascular fitness, enhanced balance and coordination, increased strength and endurance and enhancing flexibility.
40 iPads Impacts 3rd grade – Using Ipads in the classroom is a 21st century approach to education
Total $200,000
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy Support Impacts K-12th Grades – Underwriting summer professional development academy for all LISD teachers.
iPods Impacts 3rd-5th Grades – Four per class to be used in reading/listening centers for comprehension and fluency.
Digital Story Telling Equipment Impacts 4th Grade – Ten Flip Video Camcorders, ten digital voice recorders with USB port, and iMovie software. Digital storytelling consists of several mini-lessons and culminates with a finished digital story, told with pictures, video, voice and text. Used for Pilot Program at PES.
Slab Roller Impacts HES Art – Used to create projects for the Empty Bowl Fundraiser. This supports the LISD graduate profile of working for justice in the community through service.
Partnership with Heard Museum Impacts 2nd-3rd Grades – Creates field-based learning opportunities for 2nd and 3rd grades at each campus.
COW Cart of laptops with 30 laptops – Impacts 8th grade Science –Students to use to conduct both classroom and field experiments.
Spanich Literacy Library Books Impacts 10th -11th Grades – Used to increase reading comprehension, fluency and writing skills for Spanish III Pre-AP students.
Wide Format Color Printers Impacts LHS students – Used to print photos, graphic layouts, posters, etc. Used by Digital Graphics, BIMM, DVD Yearbook, etc.
Tool Set Impacts LHS Art Students– Will be used by Art I, Painting, and Sculpture classes.
3D Model Printer Impacts LHS Engineering program – Creates 3D models in plastic. Helps teach design concepts in visual arts, architecture, engineering, design, graphic design, science, and math.
UIL Choral Collection Impacts LHS Choir Program – Volumes of choir music containing one copy of every piece on the Texas Prescribed Music List.
Total $80,000
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Achieve 3000 Reading Program Impacts 5th and 6th Grades – Web-based program used to help students increase their ability to read and understand non-fiction literature.
Math Manipulatives Impacts K-7th Grades – Instructional tools to assist students as the work to master challenging state standards.
My Access! Impacts 6th-11th Grades – Software to be used by secondary students to improve writing skills. Statistics show that use of My Access during the 07-08 school year helped to increase writing performance of students.
Online Registration Software Impacts Fine Arts – Software will allow for purchase of reserved seats for LHS auditorium events and community events.
Theatre Rain Curtain Impacts Fine Arts – Staging element for musicals, choir, and dance shows. The curtain will enhance visual effect of performances.
Superscope/Condensor Microphone Impacts Fine Arts – Equipment will give students ability to hear immediate feedback of their performance. The system will aid in evaluation and preparation for competition.
Literacy Library Books Impacts K-3rd Grades – Assists teachers in guided reading. Funding adds to existing leveled book library.
Aimsweb Software Impacts Special Education – Software to assist special education department track student progress and interventions for identified students.
Science Lab Enhancements Impacts K-5th Grades – Enhancements to each elementary science lab.
Multimedia Press & Micrometer Impacts 9-11 Art program – This press allows high school art to explore a multitude of techniques including etching, engraving, and lithography.
Professional Development Grants Money made available by application for teacher development.
Total $115,000
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Professional Development Grants Impacts K – 12th Grades
Acoustic Shell and Wireless Headsets/Microphones for the Lovejoy High School Concert Hall Impacts 6th – 12th Grades
Model Science Chemistry Lab Software Impacts 10th Grafde
VEK Robotic Kits Impacts 9th – 10th Grades
Heart Rate Monitors for PE Impacts 6th – 10th Grades
Agile Mind Math Program Impacts 6th – 10th Grades
Digital cards/field track recorders for Journalism Impacts 6th – 10th Grades
Art Walls, Air purifiers, Scanners for Fine Arts Impacts 6th – 10th Grades
New Jersey Writing Project Impacts K – 5th Grades
12 Document Cameras Impacts K – 5th Grades
Leveled Books Impacts K – 2nd Grades
Total $100,000
Project Title Explanation Funds Awarded
Learning @ Lovejoy Impacts K-12th Grades
Technology Equipment Impacts K – 6th Grades
Model Science Classroom Impacts High School
Books and Multimedia Publishing Product Impacts Kindergarten
Math Impacts 1st Grade
Critical Thinking Through Literature Impacts 3rd Grade
Math Sharks Impacts 4th Grade
Revolutionary Reading Groups Impacts 5th Grade
Writing Programs for U.S. History Impacts 5th Grade
Making History Come Alive Impacts 5th Grade
Synchronization of Movement for PE Impacts K – 6th Grades
A New Nod to Nonfiction for Library Impacts K – 6th Grades
Total $56,154